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Ellwood Hybrid - attempt to combine 2 and 4 stroke techniques

I have been building and racing crankcase supercharged engines since 1994. I have made two road race bikes, and one speedway.

I call the engine a Hybrid because it is a mixture of two and four stroke techniques.

Our road racing class in Supermono (single cylinder) has previously been limited to 800cc but my new 1300cc bike has been given special permission to be included in the races. These motorcycles are also made for racing on a Flying Kilometre on Ice race in Sweden, If it runs well I would like to try it at Bonneville.

It is a 1300cc (78 cui) Crankcase Supercharged Single, with triple inlet reed valves on the crankcase, a massive intercooler, Haltech injection, rotary head valve, and very few moving parts.I built the whole engine myself with an old milling machine.

The 500cc bike is based on a Godden speedway engine. It is modified with two inlet reed valves, and one outlet. I use Haltech injection, and water injection.

My Hybrid engines have been featured thrice in the Race Engine Technology web magazine, and in a few motorcycle magazines.



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