- be single

·  2012

New class record on the Flying Kilometer on ice (which has moved to Orsa) 156.487 kmh with the 500 Hybrid The Hybrid 500 is on show at the MC-Collection prestige motorcycle museum in Sollentuna for three months, afterwards will be de-borred to 450cc to allow entry in Manx GP 2013 Working on the 1300cc machine, and now have special permission to race it in NSA Nordic Supermono, so priority to have it running for the 2013 season.

·  2011

Almost no action this year, mostly working on the new 1300cc project

·  2010

Still building the 1300, taking much longer than expected.
Funäsdalen Ice Record increased to 151.14 kmh

·  2009

Still building the 1300, taking longer than expected.
World Record on Ice fixed March in Funäsdalen on the 500 Hybrid.
Mainly training this year with Classic Racing, and Motocross.

·  2008

Only building the 1300cc engine and bike, Mini mono style.

·  2007

Training camp on the ice, Wrote a book (200 copies) exactly how the Hybrid system works,
a 4th place at Mo I Rana together with another broken piston, a race at Linköping,
and finally rounded up the season at Oliver`s Mount in England with a practice wipe-out and a 4th place.

·  2006

One race at Linköping resulting in broken piston

·  2005

One race at Linköping with Mick Burge as Werx rider

·  2004

Rebuilding Spa`s broken engine, including adding an extra inlet reed valve

·  2003

- did Donington , Härnosand , Våler , Mo i Rana , Linköping , and Virtasalmi. came last in the cup , but the hybrid held out the season and ran pretty well, kept up with the slower riders at least. Only a broken fuse and battery failure. Must now blame my all round round road tyres in the wet races.

·  2002

- only a few races on speedway bike , nothing startling , spent of year experimenting with roadracer.

·  2001

was to be only speedway , as usual the speedway Hybrid held out during the season , after 4 years it`s probably time to open the engine and check it over . Last year I aquired a genuine H.P. Andersson brake bench , this will give me the possibility to tune my Hybrids properly . I also managed to build a stroker 580cc Hybrid , and begin repairing Spa`s broken engine together with an extra inlet reedvalve .

·  2000

- Times were getting hard , money was hard to find , sponsors were as rare as rocking horse shit , and it looked like my last race season . I decided on International Supermono , together with speedway. Linköping was a disaster again - the bike conked out on every corner. On the other hand the speedway Hybrid zoomed like never before . Snetterton was another sad story , one whole lap was only completed by sitting in the back of the rescue van . A last doggy`s chance death or glory attempt would have to be made at Spa Francorchamps . The bike ran good one lap outside my garage , then with three very doubtful mechanics we set off to Belgium . Once there we checked in and tried to tweak the engine , but the injection was nowhere near to being tuned , so we coupled up the carb and went out on the saturday training . The first lap went badly the engine nearly died on every straight . Suddenly , at the start of the second lap , the Hybrid started to charge , it pulled max revs all the way around the 7 km track until the gudgeon pin seized in the little end , destroying both piston and barrel . I like to think that history had been made at Spa that day on those 7km ?

·  1999

was top be only speedway. I raced with the old boys in M.C.H.K.-R . They all seemed to like the idea though at times it smoked like a chimney , broke down more than it ran , and the throttle liked to stick at the end of the straights . S.V.E.M.O. gave me exclusive permission to test the Hybrid on the track.

·  1998

didn´t go too well , one race at Linköping , which ended up in the DNF list . Lots of testing computer progammable fuel injection , electronic ignition , booze bottles and lots of crazy ideas . The more technology , the worse things got . Just as well I´d bought a Jawa speedway bike for 150 quid , converted to Hybrid form , so that I could concentrate on methonol again .

·  1997

Björn Andersson and SOS gang had given the ok to do Scandinavian Sounds of Singles. We raced Karlskoga , Linköping , Våler , Alastaro and Falkenberg , and had a great time tootling around the track , picking up points , creating smoke screens that a steam engine would have a hard time matching , and doing a lot of makeshift mechanicing . I always made it to the finish line - in last place - but was content that the engine held . It hadnt been easy converting to petrol - there were so many factors - compression ratios , cam timing , percent of 2 stroke oil , jetting and timing etc . The clutch was deplorable and most races had to be done stuck in 2nd gear. But the engine was tractable and could pull from a hairpin to the end of a straight , and the ISR brakes could stop the bike on the proverbial swedish krone .

·  1996

was the time to try the bike , but where ? Västerås drag strip seemed like a good place , but when I got there the only class the Hybrid was allowed in was top fuel . Ok no sweat , top fuel it was , after a hard time bump starting on the wet grass , and doing a broadsider into the mingling masses. Sitting on the start line in front of thousands of people , on a bike that looked like it had been extracted from hibernation from Rip Van Winkels woodshed , and the shuddering thought of it conking out , was rather daunting. The bike pulled away from the xmas tree and made it - somewhat slower than the other topfuelers - to the finish line.By then the cork clutch plates had packed in , so back to Gävle I drove.

Afterwards I learnt that the slowest bike at the drag race was lying 5th in the Swedish championships , so a trip to Mantorp was neccesary to defend the position. A Volksvagen pickup looked a bit out of place among the huge vans and busses in the depot , we lifted down the bike with a spit , went through the scrutineering , then spent all day trying to make it rev faster than tickover. The fault was hard to find - the points had melted on the pivot shaft. The nitrous oxide kit and nitrometan fuel didn`t get me up the line any faster than the kids in the miniature drag cars , but I did trundle over the finish line gaining the all important points. By 10pm we had thrown out the seats from the vw and lay fast asleep inside. Sundays races went no better. The scrutineer didn`t like the oil leaks squirting on the track , so we dumped all oil and made an oilless race , thus retaining 5th place 1996 SM Competion Class.

·  1994

- Out of work , destitute , and hungry for adventure , I signed up for a job in Kazakstan and rocked up in Moscow with a gang of 15 blokes i´d never met before , loaded the plane with 30 ton of paint , timber , and loads of other crap. The pilot took a chance that the little plane would lift off , and flew us to Dzezkazgan in darkest siberia. It was - 40 degrees when we disembarked and lasted off our payload. The intense cold gave me instant toothache , lasting four months , during which a visit to an ultrasound machine at the local russian dentisr , which fried my brain cell, followed by 100 days of non stop medicinal purpose vodka. One night I dreamed of an engine , a vision that would give me an undaunting passion into engine development , Hasse Holmqvist sold me an ageing Godden engine for 80 pounds. A hacksaw , drill and file were enough to slaughter the speedway engine . A bit of rubber pipe , two reed valves from an RD 350 , a seal on the crankcase , and a carb from a rotax converted a relic into a Hybrid.

Half an hour pulling on a bit of belt wrapped around the crank hadn`t much effect on starting the engine. Things were looking bleak for a startup , but it helped to turn on the methanol tap ! The engine leapt into life and responded perfectly on the throttle wire. So the Hybrid worked , but how well was another question . A trip to Hasses brake bench gave 30 hp at 7000 rpm. Hasse was impressed with the response on accel and decel , and it could hold steady revs without misfiring , and rev to 10000 rpm. We changed the inlet reed to a bigger husky 250 size , this gave an instant increase of 16 hp. We spent a bit of time experimenting with a boost bottle on the connecting pipe , but it didn`t give much difference , so I shelved that idea.

Now it was time to put the engine in a frame and give it a run on the track. Sounds of Singles was the thing at the time in Sweden , and i`d always fancied my chances at roadracing. Sune Olsson sold me some chromemoly pipe , I made a jig using a C girder and a steel bar , tacked the frame together to line up with the swingarm forks and wheels an d gearbox. Pickel mig welded up the frame proper like.

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Ellwood Hybrid 1300cc

Single cylinder 1298cc
Ram air intakes
Quadruple reedvalves crankcase mounted
Rotary cross head valve – belt driven
Compression ratio 15:1
Bore 116.5 mm x stroke 120mm
Piston flat top slipper
Aluminium billet conrod, oil fed little end
Cast iron sleeve, separately water cooled
Copper head gasket –ribbed form
Total loss sump
Haltech fuel injection
Frame:- homemade 
Transmission :- single speed with dry clutch and final drive - chain
Wheelbase 1440 mm
Dry weight 140 Kg
Estimated power 150 [email protected] rpm

Ellwood Hybrid 500cc

Single cylinder 499cc
Triple reedvalves crankcase mounted
Single overhead 4 valve – chain driven 
Compression ratio 12,5:1
Bore 86 mm x stroke 85,5 mm
Piston :- lightened Nissan Skyliner - secondhand
Aluminium billet conrod
Cast iron sleeve
Total loss sump
Haltech fuel injection
Water mist injection
Frame :- homemade Chrome Moly
Std forks
18” wheels
Transmission :- 4 speed Quaife, mick Hemmings clutch, final drive - chain
Wheelbase 1440 mm
Dry weight 130 Kg
Estimated power 50 [email protected] rpm