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Speedweekend 2014

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Speedweekend 2009-2012

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The rules are simple:

- 1km run-up, 1timed km, 1 braking km. Then do a return run.Everyone winning their class creates a new world record. (It’s never been done before).The Ellwood Hybrid 500cc bike team has applied to the Guinness World Record Book to make the attempt official (should the bike and rider hold up for the handling tests, sub zero temperatures and partying).Anyone interested in hiring advertising space on the bike or team van is welcome to contact me.We shall endeavour to create a film (if frostbitten fingers allow), so anyone who wants to see the Worlds Fastest Frosty Hybrid in action is welcome to preliminarily book their DVD.



New Flying Kilometer on ice with the 500 Hybrid, 156.487 kmh, despite almost falling off, missing the gear change twice, losing contact with the laughing gas button, and 6 inches of water and slush on top of the thawing ice. Another new project- a toffee rocket, 350 kg thrust, with laughing gas fed into the rocket tube did work, but a sudden storm prevented the race. Maybe just as well, this is not a toy.Further safe testing during the summer will give us some idea how potent this rocket is



Attempt at Flying Kilometer on ice in Orsa, but a piston broke on the start line, so didnt get a run. My new on the side project- a Nitrogen powered rocket sled worked though, but was not fast.



A new year, with a new record !

First run without NOS 115 kmh. Second run with NOS 151.14 kmh = 94 mph (got a very bad start but at the beginning of the measured kilometer pressed the NOS button in when 3rd gear, and held it in all the way , even in 4th gear the bike accelerated like a wild thing. the terminal speed was probably over 200 kmh ) Third run without NOS 120 kmh ( the bottle ran dry after 1 km on the second run)




Ever dreamt of zooming up Bonneville Salt Flats at full speed on the bike? This has been an unreachable goal for me, because of the cost and distance etc. Now in Sweden we are going to get a chance of a similar speedweek, only not on salt, but ICE, on Funäsdalens frozen lake, the last week of March.